boek leggings was founded with a simple mission: make a legging like no other.  One that doesn’t flatten your butt, yet still has high compression for tummy control, and is comfortable enough to wear every day if it existed.

The women in our family fully embraced leggings for exercise, comfort, and the ease of transitioning from a casual day look to an evening look. One of the daughters who started training as a bodybuilder was unable to find a pair of leggings that would compliment her physique.  Every legging she tried on did not flatter her body, and no matter how many different styles and brands she went through, not one enhanced her hard earned curves and they all flattened her butt. She talked with her sister and together they researched online and in the stores for the best legging that would allow their curves free reign. They found none that had what they were looking for. They called their Mom who had been a seamstress for years, and asked if there was any way a legging could be made that would enhance curves, not flatten the butt. She sewed a crude prototype and the journey of boek (bodies of every kind) began. The two daughters and their mom made sketches, went to a patent attorney, and then on to designers and manufacturers. The journey was a slow and rocky one, but after more than four years “The Bra for Your Butt” legging was created. 

We finally found the perfect designer and patternmaker who realized what we were trying to achieve and truly saw our vision.  After working with four different manufacturers we found a perfect match with our current manufacturer.  We did not want to offer a product until it was perfected, from using fabrics that are superior to having the functionality that we were looking for.  We developed a legging that has a built in patent-pending lining with an extreme high compression spandex content that raises and enhances the butt, holds in the tummy and smooths out the thighs.

One of the many advantages of our leggings is that there is a built in pocket that can hold a silicone gel butt pad. Our butt pads are custom designed in two styles to give you curves you never knew you could have. Our thin pad provides a subtle curve while our thicker pad provides a more dramatic curve. These butt pads are custom designed to fit the legging pocket perfectly, however, it isn’t mandatory to use them. You can always wear your leggings without them. Your choice, your look! These high compression leggings will still provide that tightening, lifting, smoothing effect.  

Bodies of every kind are ageless!  Boek leggings give women the confidence to feel beautiful and take on the world!