boek leggings are not your standard pair of leggings, as they have a custom designed high compression lining. We all know compression garments can take a bit more effort and energy to put on, but once you get it right, the effort is worth it!

  1. Do not try to put your boek leggings on like your other leggings. boek leggings are designed to be really tight so take your time putting them on.
  2. It will take effort to put your leggings on and this is normal. If it does not take effort, then you need to order a size down.
  3. Once you have your leggings up, you may need to place your hand inside to adjust them to ensure everything is in the right place and to make sure everything is lying smoothly over your thighs.
  4. If you are wearing a pair of boek bunz (our silicone gel butt pads) with your leggings, make sure to put your leggings on first and then add your boek bunz. Simply take your right hand and cup one of the pads in it and easily place it in the right pocket of your leggings. Do the same with your left hand and left pocket. When you cup the silicone in your hand make sure the rounder side of the pad is in the palm of your hand and the flatter side of the pad is touching your butt). For reference, please see video.